Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Super Important Return

The resurrection used to be a staple of the super-hero world, to the point that it was even given a label; the Jesus syndrome. In recent years death has replaced that-- we've seen the untimely demise of everyone from the notable like Captain America and Batman to the not-so-notable but well established Wasp but apparently the super-hero resurrection hasn't been entirely done away with. In the pages of Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #4, Superboy made a return from the dark lands of death, back to the pages of comics. If this bit of under-the-radar news already caught you try this on for size: In August Superboy will once again star in his own comic series-- Adventure Comics-- which will be relaunched with Geoff Johns at the helm. 

First, I should mention that it's impossible for me to express how excited I am about this bit of news. I had up until now been considering picking up Dini's Streets of Gotham or Yost's Red Robin when they launched in June in addition to my new pull of Detective Comics but those plans have been thoroughly scrapped. Johns is undoubtedly the best super-hero comics writer out there today. I don't mean to say he brings more thought or intelligence to the table than the likes of Moore or Gaiman but the man knows how to tell some of the most absorbing, fun and all around entertaining super-hero stories. I followed his run on Teen Titans in trade, where in addition to being exposed to his wonderful writing, I was also introduced to Superboy. I never read so far as Superboy's death (though I do own it, and intend to get to it sometime) but I did really like the character. He was an realistic, adolescent Clark Kent-- Mostly good natured but entirely a teenager. It also helped that Johns knows how to write teenage characters; with complete respect for the personal issues they're facing. 

I couldn't be more pleased about Superboy getting his own title (although it seems like it may deal with the Legion of Super-heroes as well). He hasn't had one since the 90s, I believe, when he was wearing that awful leather jacket and red tights. The guy looks a lot better in jeans and a T, yeah? I wouldn't doubt the ill chosen costume from the 90s wasn't one of the contributing factors to the series decline. 

So let me break this down: Superboy is coming back to the spotlight, Geoff Johns is writing a new title, and the art is gorgeous. If you're not reading any Super-hero comics and you want to-- I'd suggest you pick this up when it rolls around in August. If I were a tad more bold I'd say I insist. While you're at it, you might want to look at Rucka's Detective Comics in June, too. Superboy is back, and goddamn if I'm not going to be reading that comic. 

Edit: So apparently I can't read. That's not too surprising because I barely manage to write coherent sentences. I initially thought Action would be relaunching for this project, but it turns out Superboy will be appearing in Adventure comics-- thanks to the commenter for setting me straight on that-- so there's that. I edited this sucker up to avoid confusion because apparently there are people actually stumbling onto my blog (Creepy). 


The Twilit Fox said...

Uh, I don't mean to correct you, but it's Adventure Comics Conner will be starring in, not Action. Check it out here:

Joe said...

You are correct, sir! For some reason when I was reading the update on IGN I read it wrong-- that certainly makes more sense on DC's part. Thanks for the catch. I'll edit this sucker up.