Monday, February 23, 2009

The 81st Oscars [A Response]

Hey-- Eight out of nine right isn't so bad, is it? Curiously, I took a look back at an entertainment weekly I received a few weeks ago and my picks were identical to theirs with the exception of their choice of Kate Winslet for the Best Actress win. Congrats, Entertainment Weekly- You got 'um all! 

As I guessed, Slumdog Millionaire took home the top prize [as well as a slew of others]. I would still really like to see it. As of right now, I'm unsure of where it will fall in the Oscar Pantheon. Some films win best picture because they are absolutely unforgettable [The Godfather, Gone with the Wind]. Some films win only to be over shadowed by fellow competitors in time [How Green is my Valley beat Citizen Kane]. Some films are just memorable, or familiar if you've seen them of not [Chariots of Fire?]. My point is that I'm not sure where Slumdog will fall. My guess is the last category. 

To more interesting things- Who the hell was that woman speaking to Maryl Streep during the Best Actress bit? Obviously they're successful but my God- That woman's accent was so thick a bullet wouldn't go through it. She also seemed to be having one hell of a time just getting the damn words out of her mouth. Oy Vey!

On that same topic, what the hell was with Kate Winslet telling Maryl Streep to suck it up? I'm absolutely in the dark about what Kate was actually saying. Streep has a record of being incredibly humble and more so even being unable to take complements well [perhaps they purposefully chose such a horrible speaker for her!]. Was Winslet saying that Maryl would have to suck up the praise or losing?! She told her to suck it right after completing her on being nominated so many times. It could really be either. How the hell do you tell Maryl Streep to suck is when she's ten feet away? 

As always, Bill Maher can go to hell. Can you imagine the kind of balls it takes to make a statement about God's nonexistence at the Oscars? I'm not religious, but I do have some tact. Apparently Maher doesn't. He also shameless self-promoted his own documentary. What a jackass. 

The biggest problem I saw with the ceremony was the 'In Memoriam'. I remember a few years ago this clip montage moved me to absolute tears but this year I was too busy squinting to read the names to cry! I have mediocre eye sight and a small TV! What the hell happened to the full-screen clips? Either the camera was moving around or the montage itself was horribly done. Whatever the case the only names I actually saw were the 'big' names that I already knew died. When Queen Latifah began to sing I thought for sure I was going to burst out crying when the clips started [shut up! I'm very emotional!] but no, no, the Oscars didn't want me crying. They wanted me horribly Hulk-like angry. Too many important people passed away this year to make such a shitty clip-reel. 

One thing I did really like was all of the flash-back montages of presentations, and that when the five presenters came on stage they played their audio clip. I thought that was really exciting for whatever reason. Hugh Jackman as host? I have no real opinion. I missed the beginning of the ceremony so I can't say much. Overall I enjoyed it. 


Kiriska said...

Totally didn't watch the show, just looked up the results afterwards. I would also like to see Slumdog Millionaire, but there are so many movies I haven't seen and should (like... pretty much all the other Best Pictures you've mentioned in this post) that I don't know when I'll be bothered enough to get around t it.

Joe said...

If you ever want to borrow any movies let me know. I have an .rtf that lists all of my movies if you want to take a look.

Kiriska said...

Sure, I'd be interested in seeing a list, but these days, my prevailing sentiment is that any time spent watching movies would be better utilized drawing... I dunno. Maybe I'll grab a few for spring break.